Together with your management team and key employees, we develop a plan in line with the organizations operational goals.


We focus on one area and develop easy to use tools that can be transferred to other areas of the organization.

Management and Business Coaching

As opposed to personal life coaching, management coaching has the advantage of an easy measured benefit and profitability approach.

AEL Management Coaching aims to increase the bottom line by either increasing revenue or reducing costs or combination of both.

Process Analysis

Are your processes being executed properly?   What goals are your trying to achieve?  Are your processes understood by all team members?  


Using our team-based approach, we work with you to understand your current process, determine a future state, and identify areas of opportunity.  

Audits and Sustainability

Are you struggling with keeping your processes standardized across different locations?  Are your employees using their own tools resulting in many varieties of data and communication?


We audit your processes to make sure your standardized processes are followed and sustained.

Active Management Tools

Are you using formal tracking systems to understand how time is spent?  Are you working on the right things at the right time?  Do you have a daily/weekly/monthly plan?

​ Knowing what needs to be done, who performs the task, when and how long the task should take are all essential to the performance of an operation.  Proper Management Tools allow for monitoring the progress and making quick, informed decisions.

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

What if one of your key employees didn't return to work tomorrow?  Is your firm prepared to operate seamlessly? 


Clearly defined Standard Operating Procedures in place describing detailed instructions on specific work processes will decrease operating costs, reduce errors, and wasted time. ​ We work closely with your team to create your detailed step-by-step Standard Operating Procedures.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Are you measuring the right things?  Are you setting the bar at the right height? 


Measuring your progress is key to understanding your business.  Measuring the right things, setting the right goals and having the information at your fingertips on a regular basis allows you to make informed decisions.  We work with you to create the right KPIs for your business and set in place a regular review process.

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