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Why KPIs are Important

Updated: Mar 7, 2021

Measure for Success

What are KPIs

Key Performance Indicators, or KPIs, are the key metrics to gauge or compare performance in order for a business to meet their strategic and operational goals.

Measuring the right things and setting the right goals is the key to your success.

Most businesses set goals they desire to achieve.

What Gets Measured Gets Managed

Using KPIs lets companies effectively achieving their business objectives. Many companies track metrics for months or years that have no effect on the bottom line or what they are trying to achieve. Identifying the right metrics and linking them to your overall strategy and goals will drive results.

Don’t Just Measure

Define your goals and track towards them.

For example:

Improve On-Time Delivery by X%

Increase Productivity by X%

Reduce Inventory by X$$

Increase Sales by X%

Reduce Cost by X%

Steps for Success

It will take a few cycles of data to begin to see trends and make informed decisions. Use these steps and keep driving towards your goals.

Identify the right metrics

  • ​Find the right metrics for your business that will drive results

Incorporate them into your organization

  • ​Determine how often is best to review your progress. Depending on your business, it could be as often as each minute, hour or shift, or once per month or quarter.

Measure your progress towards your goals

  • ​See the results

Adjust your process and priorities to meet your goals

  • ​Using KPIs means nothing if you don't do anything with them. Learn them, understand them, and take action if required.


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