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Current Openings:

No current openings at this time


Please be aware that if you are applying for a job online that is not also posted here, the ad is a fraud and not legitimate. 

Attention: Recruitment Fraud

It has come to our attention that false openings and possible offers have been made to individuals on other sites than our site. Please be aware that AEL Consulting Group (AEL) does not send unsolicited proposals via email, nor do we use other sites than our Career sites advertising for open positions. AEL recruitment policy ensures that all suitable candidates are interviewed personally before any job offer is made, and that offers of employment are only made to candidates who have applied on our website via the Careers link. 

Therefore, please ignore any unsolicited job offers or announcements on other websites. We recommend you do not disclose any personal or financial details to those you do not know. If you receive these kinds of offers, please contact your local police with all relevant information including any correspondence from the sender.
If you are interested in legitimate opportunities within AEL, then details and application instructions are available here on the 'Careers' section of our website. 

Confirmation that we have received your application should arrive shortly after your submission. In the event you have not received a confirmation from us, please check your email spam filter. 

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