Together with our clients, we find value, develop programs to implement change, and energize teams to sustain success.


Since 2005, AEL has been working with clients to increase their productivity, improve their processes, and reduce their cost. We focus on business management support for small to medium sized business in any sector. Over the years, we have worked in areas of manufacturing, warehousing, distribution, inventory management and administration with many corporations in the aerospace, automotive, heavy industry, paper and plastic, and insurance sectors.


We focus on solving problems, taking action, building momentum, and getting results. We focus on what we do best and avoid the effects of trying to be all things to all people.

We favor simplicity in our process and encourage changes that will result in measurable improvements. Our recommendations are based on facts and are in line with operational goals.


We believe every company, large or small, can benefit from short term support to increase their productivity and reduce their cost. We work closely with our clients to understand their needs, develop a plan, tools and measures that stay in place long after we leave.

After the initial process, we follow up to ensure the new tools and processes are working sustainable and staying in line with the direction of your organization.

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